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Founded on the ruins of a Roman settlement and of a later Lombard tower, the Abbazia San Faustino was completed by the Benedictines in 1289.

Recently refurbished, the Abbazia keeps intact the charm and the atmosphere of medieval architecture, evoked by handcrafted ceramics, wrought-iron lamps and precious fabrics, while offering all the facilities and comforts of a modern resort.
During the Second World War, Abbazia San Faustino was the headquarters of a partisan brigade that fought against the occupying forces. Walter Orebaugh, former American Consul in Nice, talks about his experiences during this period in his book, ‘The Consul’.

“In the midst stood an old stone church, its square bell tower topped with an almost flat roof of red-orange clay tiles. The simple utilitarian buildings, and the church, looked as though they had sprung out of the rocky soil that surrounded them. Giuseppe stopped in front of the church and made the sign of the cross. Then he turned to me. “This is San Faustino”, he said.”