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The restaurant at San Faustino – called L’Ora Sesta (the Sixth Hour) – is set in the magical surroundings of the Abbazia and has its main dining room on a delightful veranda that, throughout the seasons, allows you to savour the view of the garden and the surrounding panorama. A second, more intimate dining room is located in the former stable.

The untainted landscape that serves as the charming backdrop to the former monastery, which has been returned to its original splendour thanks to a painstaking restoration, is complemented by the opportunity that the restaurant affords to rediscover authentic, time-honoured flavours.

The “recipe” is simple: carefully selected local ingredients, fresh food cooked to order, and the longstanding experience.

While also offering all manner of dishes taken from the Italian culinary tradition, the restaurant’s menus are constituted for the most part by local dishes prepared using seasonal produce. The utterly unmissable dishes include: spadellata di radicchio, porcini e guanciale (pan-fried chicory, porcini mushrooms and pork cheek); tagliatelle con asparagi di bosco (ribbon pasta with woodland asparagus); filetto di maiale alla ghiotta (lean cut of pork with a traditional Umbrian sauce); cosciotto di maiale al finocchio selvatico (pork shank with wild fennel); selvaggina da piuma lardellata al tartufo e le erbe aromatiche del nostro orto (larded feathered game with truffle and aromatic herbs from our vegetable garden).

You can enjoy a poolside aperitif and, after dinner, sip a drink in the ancient church with its frescoed walls or in the garden with its all-encompassing views over the surrounding valleys and dazzling sunsets. To make the most of your time here – in this evocative, exciting place – you can stay in one of our 16 suites. You will be pleasantly surprised the moment you walk through the gates…and the prices are sure to delight you, too.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” – Oscar Wilde