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01 - Jul - 2019


Spring, the season of rebirth, whene nature slowly blooms again, when Italy’s Green Heart beats even stronger. Umbria, enveloped in fresh scents, fresh colours gets ready to welcome whoever wishes to dive into this pleasant atmosphere.

Umbria is a set of environmental frameworks, a sweet harmonious succession of landscapes and natural areas. Assetti ancient approach is the most innovative cultural organizations, camps closed by hedges and walls alternating with specialized plantations, extended coverage wooded cede the place to soothing expanses of olive trees and patches of sunflowers.

The space is small regional and varied: 8456 km square where everything seems forged by man, shaped by millennial works tillage and adaptation, and where the index woodiness is among the highest in Italy.
Everywhere, rivers and streams slow impetuous, polle limpid water, noisy waterfalls and quiet sources. The green in its infinite nuances accompanies the visitor on the heights as in the Apennine basins intensely umanizzate; insinuates centres inhabited by scenic balconies; ago by the head veil of water of Lake Trasimeno.
The polychromy of the many plant species gives effects to the Umbrian landscape. Just a glance at the mass of Mount Subasio to grasp a single glance the characters prevailing vegetation in the region, that the “mountain of Assisi” sums up in some typical.

At the bottom, the group of olive trees which replaced already by some centuries the forests frequented by St. Francis; higher, woods cedui of cerri, roverelle, hornbeams blacks, ornielli, maples, which form the dominant vegetation; on the top, vast grasslands extended as the eye can see. There are extensive as that of beech val of Ranco in massive north-east of Mount Cucco, and the secular leccete, like those of Prisons of Subasio and Monteluco of Spoleto.

The kingdom of the great beech forests are the mountains of Valnerina and Sibillini Mountains, territory of exceptional importance wildlife refuge where the Apennine wolf and the golden eagle; variety flora is superb: between orchids, campanule shiny, colorful stars, violas, Gentian, it is still possible to observe the rare poppy yellow star and the Apennine mountains. In spring, unique spectacle is the flowering of plans Castelluccio.